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Is your project targeting financial inclusion or discipline for value chain actors in Agriculture? Do you want to support local schools, ensuring good use of the (donor) money invested? Do you want to improve aid-delivery in a refugee camp? Do you have a micro-credit or supply chain management plan for the poultry market? Do you want to do conduct a need assessment, or eco-system research before starting your project? Does your project need to be evaluated but you do not have M&E capacity?
We offer support in a great variety of projects. Tailor-made, according to your wishes. This is what can we do for you:


We can turn your idea into a concrete concept or research proposal: a concise and to-the-point description of the issue at hand, your solution, risk assessment, and a plan of action including clear objectives, methodologies and timelines.

Ideation and co-creation

We offer our experience, creative thinking and special expertise in innovative mobile technology to help you find the best solutions for the issue you aspire to address.


We have a highly professional team of researchers that carry out qualitative and quantitative research. We develop data collection instruments, collect data and do multivariate analysis using STATA, SPSS or thematic narrative and content analysis using NVIO or word tables (amongst others).

Use of mobile financial solutions

We find solutions, adapt and/or pilot the mobile solutions your program requires. We have ample knowledge of all Mpesa systems, and our electronic money transfer platform Coin22 offers multiple solutions. It ensures funding is directly channeled to the target group and can only be spent for the purposes intended. It stimulates saving for specific purposes like school fees or agricultural input supplies, provides for the transparent transfer of funding in humanitarian cash-programs and gives small-scale farmers access to credit.


We can form and prepare a team dedicated to your fieldwork on short notice. They can do training of beneficiaries or service providers, collect data, monitor and evaluate. They can arrange the necessary paperwork, install the technology needed for the program – or any other practical work ensuring successful implementation of your plan.

Audiovisual presentation

In modern (online) communication, video has become an indispensable presentation tool. We produce professional videos for our clients’ in- and external communication purposes.

Why partner with us

Reporting in any preferred form

We share our findings on an ongoing basis or at stipulated times, in any form you prefer – raw and analyzed data, written reports, power points and/or video.

Real time monitoring

We keep track of our field teams real time, using proprietary cloud-based and database software. This way, you always have access to the latest information on your project.

Knowledge sharing

We happily share our experience on project management and our vast knowledge of financial mobile solutions to help you realize your goals.

Multi-disciplinary team

Our staff consists of professionals from a variety of disciplines, such as social development studies, business management and administration, public and environmental health, economics, statistics, agriculture, and marketing.

Deadline adherence

We provide a realistic planning and make sure the dedicated team is ready for the job – we are known for meeting our deadlines.

Low cost and risk

We are flexible and operationally efficient. We are proficient, experienced and operationally efficient. This reduces the cost for our partners in hiring and retaining field staff. We can do short-term testing and piloting to validate your proposition before entering into a larger scale project. This way we make sure you can incorporate practical findings in the final framework – and keep your costs low.


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