What We Have Accomplished


Over the past two years, we have carried out over 50 short and long-term tests and pilots. We completed several research projects and organized focus group discussions.
We made over 15,000 unique visits to health care providers in Kenya, trained NGO staff in Nigeria and Tanzania, collected 3000 photos and short biographies for an online-fundraising project and produced a number of videos for our clients.

We developed a unique and flexible mobile money transfer platform (Coin22), adapted for and used by clients in various programs in agriculture and education.

Our innovative spirit goes beyond the day to day business. We started our own cashless clinic, using state-of-the-art technology to test and develop healthcare solutions for people in need.

Examples of our work for clients are:

Our Accomplishments

Eco-system studies

Insurance company Achmea came to us with the request to ‘learn more about the funeral business’. We made that broad assignment into a research concept, with clear objectives, and we developed data collection instruments. We looked for key informant interviewees and others with experience on the topic. We conducted focus group discussions and did desk research. Within four weeks we produced a rich report on the funeral business, practices around death in Kenya and recommendations for insurance intiviatives in this field. Due to the success of this first assignment for Achmea, we also conducted Eco-system studies for them in the field of Healthcare and Motor vehicle insurances.

Safe Delivery: getting to the clinic in time

Women in far-off areas in Kenya are often forced to give birth at home, in unhygienic circumstances and without professional care. On assignment of PharmAccess in cooperation with Mpesa Foundation, Safaricom and AMREF, we carried out pilots the very remote and rural county of Samburu, offering mothers-to-be a transport voucher on their phones. This voucher enables them to contact an ambulance and get to a clinic in time for the delivery. Dodore trained both clinics and community health workers to operate the system and took care of the implementation logistics as well as voucher transfer and pay-out of the vouchers to the hospitals. We monitored the process, and were responsible for data collection and analysis. Aside from the final report, we also produced the video Safe Delivery for the clients to present their work to their stakeholders and the public.

M-Shule: school supplies for children

Books, notebooks, pens and pencils: essential items for education. In cooperation with NGO World Vision and MasterCard we developed the M-Shule wallet, which runs on our Coin22 mobile platform. M-Shule grants parents an allowance on their phone or MasterCard Aid Network card, to be spent on pre-approved school stationary only. We tested the wallet in three schools in Nairobi, analyzed the data and advised on the next steps.

Cashless Clinic: No more ‘leakage’

At small clinics, many patients pay in cash. This entails riskful money transport in unsafe areas, high banking costs and often ‘leakages’ from the clinic’s income. For PharmAccess and Access Afya Clinics, we carried out a pilot in a clinic in Sinai, a Nairobian slum, restricting patients to paying by Lipa na Mpesa.
Apart from being responsible for all aspects of the implementation, we produced a video for our client to use as a presentation of their work. After this, we implemented phase 2 and 3 of the project, including more clinics and interventions.

Agri-wallet: financial solution for small farmers

For small farmers in Kenya it is a challenge to reserve funds for future business costs.
We developed the Agri-wallet, based on our Coin22 mobile platform, to help farmers sustain and grow their business. The Agri-wallet ensures direct mobile payment to the farmer, while separating part of the income into a special wallet which can only be used to buy farm inputs. The wallet also offers saving and micro-credit facilities. In co-operation with Molly Flowers, the wallet was piloted in the region around Mt. Kenya and found to be very successful.

MTIBA: creating a network of 2,000 health facilities

Pharm-Access is an NGO dedicated to providing access to health care to people in developing countries. They developed a mobile wallet for patients, allowing for transfers of donor money, savings and insurance payments directly to the parties intended. On behalf of PharmAccess, we paid around 15,000 visits to healthcare providers for registration into the wallet, contracting and training. Today, the MTIBA platform is up and running, with 2,000 healthcare providers taking part.