About Us

Who We Are

The market in Africa evolves rapidly and most farmers will use mobile financial solutions in the next decade. In our comprehension in the resource-restricted mobile financial domain sections, We have ample knowledge of all Mpesa systems, and our electronic money transfer platform Coin22 offers multiple solutions. It ensures funding is directly channeled to the target group which is the farmers and can only be spent for the purposes of Agriculture. It also stimulates financial discipline to farmers.


Dodore Kenya has offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Our History

Dodore’s first involvement was In 2010, Ad Rietberg and Sijmen de Hoogh started a foundation dedicated to using innovative mobile financial solutions to support single mothers in raising their families. Our knowledge and experience became of interest to other parties and in 2013 Dodore Kenya Limited was founded.

Agri-Wallet for Farmers
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