Dodore Kenya targets financial inclusion/discipline for value chains in agriculture through our product Agri-wallet . 

Current projects that we are working on:- 

MasterCard FRP –committed to support social development goals, such as equitable development and gender equality. Financial education. Access to financial services, enhanced agriculture production, improving lives of people living in poverty. 

IFDC- (Financial inclusion for agriculture) through providing a savings scheme to small holder farmers. 

MEDA-(Adoption of Agriculture innovations through non-traditional finance) creates value, making it easy for farmers to save and borrow ,in a mobile account with restricted funds specifically earmarked to buy innovation. 

NPM-Geodata for inclusive finance and food. Help farmers better by using geodata and tailored financial services to grow into commercial farming and realize their growth potential. 

We are working with 2 Dutch governments, one is involved with farmers growing fruit and vegetables, the other works to strengthen the food value chain. Among other partners.