Rwanda office opened on July 2019 and Agri-wallet is being introduced to value chain actors in the coming months. Thanks to collaborations with partners like SNV in the HortINVEST program and Agriterra among others, we target to reach to thousands of farmers with affordable, flexible and all digital financing, all with aim of empowering farmers in Rwanda to increase the profitability of their farms.

launch of the SDG-P projects

Agri-wallet is a partner in an SDG Partnership Project to enable Increased Potato Value Chain Efficiency in the Great Lakes Region. The key results include:

support farmers with 25% income increase, Potato cooperatives with improved market access, improved access to finance for seed potato farmers with Agri-wallet

Agri-wallet presented at the 2019 Poultry Africa Conference held at the Kigali Convention Centre on 1st-3rd October.

Agri-wallet presented in two seminars:

  1. Holland Inspiration Seminar-Unleashing the potential of poultry.
  2. Women in Poultry Business- Financial Management: women friendly financing in small holder Afgriculture.

contact our office location: Westerwelle Startup Haus, Fairview Building, KG622 St. Kigali