Agri-wallet organized a field trip to the Social Performance Task Force event called Inclusive Digital Future: A summit on Responsible Finance in Action. 🌱💰 that brought together Belgium, Cameroon, Rwanda, Philipines, Zimbabwe amongst 30 other  Delegates who had a chance to learn how Agri-Wallet works in financing the Value chain, a cycle that includes the farmer, the merchant, and the market.

Farmers were able to share their experiences and growth in using Agri-Wallet. Roles of the merchant were also exhibited. and to top it all up the Delegates got to visit the farm and have a feel of it they were very excited.

‘Agri-wallet is an interesting initiative for farmers. It was a great pleasure to meet your team and understand your innovative business model!’ ~Philippe Massebiau, SIDI (International Solidarity for Development & Investment)